Receipt Hog Review in 2021: Is It Worth It?

receipt hog review

Today we are going to do a Receipt Hog review.

This has been a well-requested review ever since I published the Ibotta review on the blog.

This review will look at exactly what Receipt Hog is, how to get set up, an overlook of the interface and finally, whether or not it’s worth using.

As always with my reviews, I will be 100% unbias and transparent.

So without any further ado, let’s get into this Receipt Hog review.

What Is Receipt Hog?

First stop in this Receipt Hog review, is what exactly is it?

Created by Infoscout, Receipt Hog gives you rewards in return for, you guessed it, receipts!

Why do they want receipts you may ask?

The simple answer is they act as a market research app for household brands.

Now I mentioned that you receive rewards from Receipt Hog, this comes in the form of virtual coins.

These can be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards from Amazon and cash from Paypal.

The app also awards bonuses from prizes on what’s known as Hog slots to free shopping trips.

So far, so good.

Let’s move on to the Receipt Hog review.

How To Set Receipt Hog Up

(Skip to this section of the Receipt hog review if you have already signed up)

Next up in this receipt hog review I’ll show you how to get set up from start to finish.

This app is available in both the US and UK.

As you might expect it can be found on either the app store if you have an iPhone or the play store if you have an Andriod device.

(This example I’m going to use the app store)

Head over to which one is relevant to you and type in ‘Receipt Hog’ in the search bar.

You’ll be faced with this screen.

Receipt hog in the appstore

Once you’ve reached this screen hit download and wait for it to be uploaded onto your phone.

Once it’s downloaded click the application and you’ll be greeted with this screen that details the app’s function.

Receipt hog sign up screen

After you’ve had a little read through, click the green button at the button to progress to the signup or login page.

Since we are now we are going to set up a brand new account ( I will also for the sake of the walkthrough)

Once you have clicked sign up you have the option to create an account via Facebook or email.

The only difference is the app’s access to your friend’s list which it will ask to connect to.

This is beneficial for Receipt Hog as it’s more likely to keep you using the app if your friends have accounts.

After you fill out your details you’ll be faced with the message below.

(This app is definitely in the running for worst name and logo)

Lastly, Receipt Hog display a few slides for you to have a look through detailing what you can do on the app as well as some other features.

Now you’re all signed up, let’s move onto the next stage of this Receipt Hog review.

Receipt Hog Interface

The interface is separated into 4 main pages.

We will look at each one briefly and I’ll give my opinion on its functionality and appearance.


Let’s start with a breakdown of the homepage.

As you can see from the image above the upper portion is dominated by your current level and coin balance.

Although it’s quite dull and unexciting it gets the job done.

Below we have access to surveys which if completed, can earn us some coins.

You’ll find all featured surveys at this position in the future.

To me, it seems out of place stuck in between your balance and your bonuses for loyalty (an upload per week).

On the topic of bonuses and rewards (found lower down), it’s presented clearly and in my opinion, is easy to understand.

So although the layout is fairly uninspiring, the basics of what’s required for a homepage is there.


Under the slots option located on the bottom menu is, as you may have expected, a slot machine.

Unlike the plain homepage, the slot machine is colourful.

More importantly, it’s interactive and smooth (I had no problems).

Well done overall would’ve thought more highly of it had I lined up 3 hogs!


Although you can find a rewards section on the homepage, this is the main page for rewards.

Clicking ‘redeem prizes’ will display the rewards you can redeem through PayPal, Amazon or visa.

Here you can find bonuses listed that award you coins for certain actions.

What you may be surprised by is that there are only two ‘bonuses’.

One to connect to Amazon and the other via email.

It’s disappointing, to say the least.

Overall it’s quite underwhelming, it would be nice to see many more ways to cash out and/or claim bonuses.


Not much to be said here, the layout is simply and easy.

The option to sort through receipts is a nice touch if you upload receipts frequently.

That way you don’t have to spends time sifting through receipts looking for the right one!

Now onto the big question in the Receipt Hog review.

Is It Worth It?

As always I like to include not only my opinion but that of other users to come to a more comprehensive conclusion.

First up let me give my opinion.

This is based on a few days of using the app and my past dealings with receipt hog (I had the app a few years back).

As with any cashback app, it’s not going to pay your bills.

If you can get past that, then it’s a good way of receiving rewards.

You also have to think, whether you have Receipt Hog or not, you’re still going to go shopping.

So receiving money for doing something you were already going to do can’t be that bad.

Having said that, from what I can remember the rewards and prizes, much like other cashback Softwares, have gotten less exciting as the years have gone by.

I would not be surprised if they have cut back on their outgoings, at the expense of user experience.

Now let’s take a look at other users Receipt Hog reviews.

From the research that I conducted it’s a mixed bag.

Leaning closer towards a poor app than a good app.

Having said that, they were some extremely positive reviews such as this one below.

(All images are courtesy of Trust Pilot)

Review of Receipt hog

It seems some people may find the experience more enjoyable, treating it almost as if it’s a game.

Like I pointed out earlier, the receipt is going in the bin anyway, so if you can use it, why not.

Here are some Receipt Hog reviews that look at it from a different perspective.

Receipt hog review

I decided to include this one because of the amount of time he used the app.

Therefore in my eyes, his opinion holds more weight having seen the app progress over time.

Last up, the controversial one star you’ll find with every app.

Although I didn’t find many other criticisms of the withdrawal process, it’s still important to pay attention to all users experience.

If this is something you are willing to risk, then be all means give it a go.

Final Thoughts On This Review Of Receipt Hog

So there we have it, the end of this Receipt Hog review.

Receipt Hog, when compared to other cashback Softwares fairs quite well.

The interface is quite dull and plain but nothing that will prevent you from using it.

All cashback app’s that I have reviewed seem to suffer from the same problem, a steady decline in performance since launch.

Having said that, some people are happy to take advantage of this software because the receipt is only going in the bin anyway.

So it comes down to you as the individual.

I think there are probably better app’s out there, but this isn’t a bad place to start.

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