Hi there, thanks for checking out The Money Equation, a blog that discusses topics such as side hustles, financial education, investing and business development.

I created this blog to not only help me learn and document my discoveries but also to share with others so you hopefully don’t have to make the same mistakes as me.

I am to bring insightful and interesting content through articles with facts, statistics, my own experience and the knowledge of others. Hopefully, this blog will prove as valuable a source to you as it has done to me in my entrepreneurial journey.

I’ll always try my best to constantly improve my content and more importantly, listen to the feedback of the community this blog has created to really give you what you want.

What content do I not focus on

I tend to stray away from what I would call clickbait articles that involve ‘get rich schemes’ and posts along the lines of ‘how I made 125,000 last month.’

As far as I’m concerned there are enough of those types of personal finance blogs on the internet. Although they may attract lots of views it is not a crowd I would like to be apart of for various reasons such as:

  • Blog’s like this has no chance of longevity
  • It’s just plain scammy
  • I don’t want to kiss goodbye to my reputation and dignity

What my content is all about

Instead, I focus on realistic and genuinely useful content in the hopes that may separate me from the crowd.

You know probably just as much as I do how lonely it can be as a humble entrepreneur. So with that in mind, these are the sorts of topics you can find:

A taste of the content you’ll find on the blog:

How did The Money Equation come to be

If you haven’t seen my name around the site yet I’m Dan, the founder of The Money Equation.

The blog was born in 2018 but changed the name a few times since then (I’m too indecisive).

But I think I can finally say I’m sticking with this name (thankfully).

I had the idea for the blog when I realised that it would be beneficial to me and others if I could document my findings from my entrepreneurial journey so far.

I looked to entrepreneurship after I finished 6 form (which seems like centuries ago now) because, like many people, I came to the realisation that I didn’t want to work for anyone else for the rest of my life.

Not to mention my son graced this planet in 2015 which awakened a drive within me to succeed and prosper for both of us.

Only the best will do for him.

That’s why now I look back I’m extremely grateful for not doing as well as I would have liked in terms of my grades at school because I would not be at the place I am now.

I can honestly say I’ve learnt more at this point in time now than I ever would have at university and beyond.


Because here is what I have learned in that time:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • How to run a website
  • How to invest/save/make money
  • How to create an app
  • An overall history of finance

Perhaps best of all is I have learnt how important it is to constantly improve myself through trial and error.

With that said, if you would like to learn various topics within entrepreneurship then check out some of my content.

Don’t forget to reach out to me if you want any help, have a question or would like to work with me.

My email is Dan@the-money-equation.com

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