Who Is Rapper Fredo And What’s His Net Worth (2024 Update)

fredo net worth

Who Is The Rapper Fredo?

Marvin Winston Bailey, better known by his stage name Fredo, is a rapper from Queen’s park, England.

Fredo is best known in the grime/rap community, collaborating with big platforms like SBTV and Grm Daily.

But let’s not forget that he has also experienced a great deal of success in the mainstream world, appearing in the Uk charts often.

According to his Official Chart profile so far, he has:

  • 1 number 1
  • 3 in the top 10
  • 19 in the top 40
  • Over 136 weeks in the top 75

Fredo was born in Queen’s Park London on the 6th of March 1994.

For the majority of Fredo’s childhood, he was surrounded by gang violence and crime.

After being kicked out of school, he turned to selling drugs which is a frequent topic that comes up in his lyrics today.

Fredo’s big break in the music scene came when he released his song ‘They ain’t 100’ in 2016.

This was followed by a string of well-received songs in the grime community such as ‘Real Like That’ and ‘Change’.

He’s collaborated with big names in the grime scene such as Mist, Kojo Funds, and most notably, Santan Dave.

This brings us to Fredo’s first real taste of chart success with his song ‘Funky Friday’ with Dave, which reached number 1.

Credit to Fredo for building up a large cult following, his music is always well-received.

Recently he’s brought out popular songs such as ‘Netflix And Chill’ and ‘Scorpion’ with a combined 25 million views on YouTube.

It’s fair to say Fredo is a diamond in the ruff and has managed to turn a poor start in life into a successful and lucrative one.

Especially when collaborating with the likes of Central Cee on ‘Stay Flee Get Lizzy’.

Fredo’s most recent album was Independence Day which was released in 2021 and featured artists like Headie One.

General Facts

Net Worth4-5 million
BornMarch 6th 1994

Fredo’s Net Worth

Fredo net worth has grown in recent years thanks to his budding career in the music industry.

Fredo is estimated to be worth between 4-5 million.

Coming from a combination of live appearances, record sales, and streams on Spotify.


How Old Is Fredo?

29 Years Old.

Is Fredo Dead?

No, Fredo is still alive.

Where Is Fredo From?


Is Fredo Muslim?

No, Fredo is not Muslim.

Why Was Fredo Arrested?

Fredo was arrested in October of 2023 in Dubai for possession of cannabis. He could face up to 3 years in prison.

Conclusion On Fredo’s Net Worth

Fredo has gone from 0 to 100 in the space of a few years in the grime scene.

Not only that but he’s touched the charts a few times including the number 1 spot.

It will be exciting to see his new music and plans for the future- he’s one to keep an eye on.

As a result of music, Fredo’s net worth grew to what it is today, roughly between 4-5 million.

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