Can You Make Money From TikTok? (5 Ideas)

can you make money from Tik Tok

The younger generation today wouldn’t be without it, but it’s hard to believe that TikTok has only been in the Western world for 2 years. Who would have thought a platform that allows short video clips of people dancing and just generally being silly would grow as it has. Being the entrepreneurs that we are, we like to take advantage of apps like these.


Because platforms with large audiences can be monetised. At least in theory, but it’s not always the case with some companies. That’s why this post is dedicated to answering the question, can you make money from TikTok?

Furthermore, if you can, then what are the different ways in which you can make money from TikTok? But first, let’s just establish what exactly TikTok is.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok allows users to create short videos and upload them to their accounts for others to view.

The company believes it brings joy to others and unveils the creative genius within you.

Whether or not I’d call the majority of videos on TikTok ‘creative’ is a different question, but then that could just be boring ole me.

What is undeniable however is that the platform has served as a getaway for many people, particularly in the heights of the global pandemic.

Whatever it’s reasons for flourishing, it’s another example of how simple concepts can become extremely successful.

According to recent statistics from Oberlo, the app has over 800 million active users and has been downloaded 2 billion+ times.

But like every other extremely successful company, TikTok hasn’t managed to shy away from controversy. 


Thankfully, whether or not China was using TikTok to spy on you is a different question for a different blog! All I do know is it hasn’t affected the platform enough, at least currently, to stop people from using it. So now you’ve had the rundown of what exactly TikTok is, let’s look at whether or not you can make money from TikTok.

Can You Make Money From TikTok?

While the app is filled with 15-second videos (max of 60 seconds with combined clips), there are ways to make money on it. This is true despite the fact that it wasn’t the initial intention of the app – it was created purely for entertainment purposes.

So the short answer to ‘can you make money From Tik Tok’ is yes. However, we don’t have a ‘get rich quick scheme’ that you can use or even a certain formula that will guarantee success. But, if you enjoy making TikTok videos and you have a decent following, there are ways you can make some side cash.

It’s even possible, in some cases, to create a full-time income from the platform as we have seen with Youtubers over the years. The best part is you do this by making fun and entertaining videos for yourself or even for a business as a marketer (more on this later).

How Can You Make Money From TikTok?

Now we have established the answer to the question can you make money from Tik Tok. Let’s have a look at exactly how we can utilise the platform’s audience to make money. These methods appear in no particular order.

Influencing Others On TikTok

Make money on TikTok by influencing others

Have you heard of social media influencers? They are people just like me and you that suddenly show up on social media and influence others. How do they do it? They offer value to their followers.

Whether it’s an opinion, tutorial, or something else that makes them likeable, it makes others want to do what they do, making them an influencer. How do you become an influencer?

You need followers.

We’re not talking the fake or paid-for followers either. You need organic followers – or followers you gained because they have an interest in what you say and/or do. In other words, you ‘earned them’. Your words and actions give your followers something to think about or an action to take. They want to be like you.

If you have enough followers that you can consider yourself an influencer, brands may pay you to recommend their products in your videos. Of course, you must stand behind and believe in these products for the method to work. But, the key is having a large and engaged following – you need people who will take action because you endorsed a product.

Market Your Own Business

Businesses love free marketing, right? Don’t overlook the benefits of TikTok videos. You can make free TikTok videos to promote your business, products, or services.

Again, you need the following, so promote your TikTok videos on your website and other social media apps so that people know you’re on there. Get people to share your videos by making them engaging. Once you have the followers, marketing your business is easy using TikTok videos.

Whether you promote a specific product or service or you put together a montage of quick videos of people using your products or services. Then you can set it to music and nurture it to viral status when you post them. Be creative – put together ‘behind-the-scenes videos’ or show special uses for your product or service.

While TikTok doesn’t pay you directly, increasing your business by selling more products or services helps you make money with TikTok. Since you don’t pay anything to create TikTok videos, it’s a win-win situation.

Grow and Sell TikTok Accounts

Sell TikTok accounts

When I started this post on ‘can you make money From TikTok’ I already had a few ideas as to how you could. This method, however, completely went over my head until I did some more research. You can most certainly utilise this way of making money on the platform if you answer yes to both of the below questions:

  • Are great at getting a large audience?
  • Can you do it in a specific niche?

If you can create content related to the niche that your audience loves, you may be able to sell your TikTok accounts. Brands and companies pay for these accounts because they already have the following they need and it’s in a niche they desire.

Businesses can easily sell their products because the target audience was handpicked for them. You created the content that brought in the targeted followers and now the brand/company can use those followers to advertise their products. You take the hard work out of it, which is why the brands/companies pay for it.

Use TikTok’s Ad Platform

Using Tik Tok advert platform to make money

Just like most social media platforms, TikTok has an ads platform. You pay for ad space as well as the audience it goes out to and let the ads do the work.

The TikTok ads platform helps you engage with the users that have an interest in your niche. You can market your products/services to those in 20+ markets across the world and create engaging formats for your story. This helps you sell your products or services without saying a word.

Sell Merch

Make money on TikTok selling merch

We’ve all seen it – people that were regular Joe’s just like you and I suddenly go viral and everyone wants their ‘merch.’ What in the world is merch and how does it better help us make money with TikTok? Merch is short for merchandise or branded clothing that lets everyone know who you follow.

Some of the most popular overnight celebrities that went from average Joe to super well-known are Jake Paul and Sophie Dossi. No one knew who they were before the days of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Yet suddenly everyone was clamouring for their merch so quickly that it sold out quickly.

Just what type of merch do people love?

T-shirts, hoodies, and hats are the most commonly purchased products, but fans love bags, pins, patches, and water bottles too. Anything with your name on it once you go viral is bound to sell fast and can, therefore, be a great way to make money with TikTok. Here’s a quick tip – make it ‘limited edition.’ This increases the demand a lot faster because it creates a sense of panic or urgency in your followers.

They feel like they have to have your merch and if it sells out they’re going to have the ‘fear of missing out’ effect. When sizes, styles, and colours start selling out, more people will want to get their hands on it because it’s selling so fast.

Conclusion To Can You Make Money From TikTok

So can you make money from TikTok? The answer, in short, is most certainly. The common theme throughout most of these responses to can you make money with TikTok revolves around building up a strong audience. This is much the same story for making money with other social media platforms.

Taking the time out to learn how to do this can, therefore, have many crossover opportunities with more established platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. That being said, don’t overlook the viral sensation that is TikTok.

While you won’t get rich, it’s certainly an avenue of income and in today’s uncertain world; we’ve all seen the value in diversifying our income.

Let Tik Tok videos sell your products, influence others, or allow you to build an audience for companies that don’t have the resources to do it themselves.

Whether you are a professional marketer or you just like to have fun making 15-second videos, there’s money to make on this viral app.

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