24 Of The Best Money Saving Quotes On The Internet


On this blog, I’ve covered various quotes surrounding money that are heavily focused on earning.

Such posts include:

However, I have never fully dedicated a post to the importance of money saving quotes.


Perhaps for the same reason as most people, we tend to overlook its value.

We underestimate the power of saving money because we focus solely on earning money.

The most famous money saving quote ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ highlights the change in perception we all need.

If you begin to view saving money as earning money, then perhaps you’ll think twice before you go to order a takeaway.

On that note, let’s get into this list of money saving quotes.

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24 Of The Best Money Saving Quotes

“Never spend you money before you’ve earned it – Thomas Jefferson

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”- Warren Buffet

“Save money and money will save you”- Unknown

“If you wish to get rich, save what you get. A fool can earn money, but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage”- Brigham Young

“He who buys what he does not need steals from himself”- Swedish Proverb

“Don’t go broke trying to look rich”- Unknown

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having few wants”- Epictetus

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value”- Joe Biden

“Being frugal does not mean being cheap! It means being economical and avoiding waste”- Catherine Pulsifer

“The art is not in making money, but in keeping it”- Proverb

“Dave while other are wasting”- Unknown

“The safe way to double you money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket”- Will Rogers

“Money looks better in your bank that in your closet”- Unknown

“If you’re saving, you are succeeding”- Unknown

“If you buy things you don’t need soon you will have to sell things you need”- Warren Buffet

“Saving at present is earning for future”- Hardik Pandya

“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting”- Benjamin Franklin

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for”- Robert Kiyosaki

“Look everywhere you can cut down a little bit from your expenses. It will add up to a meaningful sum”- Suze Orman

“You must learn to save first and spend afterwards”- John Poole

Final Thoughts On Money Saving Quotes

As you can see, there is a lot to be learnt from money saving quotes.

Many influential people throughout history have commented on the importance of saving.

So be sure to pay attention to your outgoings, not just what is coming in.

I’ll definitely be familiarising myself with this list whenever I feel out of touch with my saving habits.

Be sure to let me know in the comments what is your favourite money-saving quote.

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