Growing An Established Business: Tips To Succeed

growing an established business

Growing An Established Business is hugely difficult.

There’s usually fierce competition and establishing yourself takes time and dedication.

There are so many resources out there on the web to help startups and give new businesses traction…but what about established businesses?

What about a business that has managed to get over the first hurdle and pull in some custom.

The businesses that are looking to build on a successful launch and take their offerings to the next level.

Well, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Open Your Business To New Customers

As your business does well, you’ll find yourself needing to open up to new customers and clients, especially if your business doesn’t necessarily offer itself for repeat custom.

If you’re focusing on a B2B market your approach will be different.

You need to pay attention to accruing the right information…find out who the key decision-makers are.

Make sure your marketing efforts are brought into line with your sales.

Drumming this into your sales team might be hard but sales and marketing alignment are ultimately important when you’re targeting those hard to reach decision-makers sitting at the top of the corporate ladder. 

If you’re not operating on a B2B basis and don’t need intent data you’ll be better off focusing on new demographics or different streams of advertisement.

For example, if you’ve been advertising mainly on Google, pivot to Facebook and other popular websites to pull in different customers. 

Rolling Back On Your Launch Promotion

It’s likely that when you launched you used market-beating promotions.

It’s a common tactic and it works because you offer a price not seen elsewhere.

This isn’t tenable long term.

After some time it’s important to bring yourself back into line with the rest of the market.

Remember, you can still undercut them without offering huge promotions.

If you don’t deduct your launch promotion, your future promotions will lose some of their impacts.

Come up with a standard pricing model and revert to it.

Remember, if your customer service has been impeccable you’ll have a base of previously happy customers to stand you and your business in good stead.

You may have some customers reach out and ask you for your previous launch pricing, and then you’ll have to take a view of whether to honour it or not.

The point remains that at some point you’ll have to drop it altogether.

Pivoting From Paid Traffic To Organic

Paid traffic is great for startups because it can garner traffic quickly and help whip up some excitement about your business.

It’s the best way to secure sales too.

However, ads cost money and after a while, pay per click may not seem so attractive.

Organic traffic is better than paid traffic, and if you master it you’ll be making sales without having to pay for the traffic.

Securing organic traffic isn’t easy.

You need to create top-quality content on either your blog or sales pages.

If you can offer brilliant content you’ll rank higher on Google and other search engines such as Bing.

Search Engine Optimisation might take a while for you to master, but at the same time, it’s worth the investment.

You just need to realize it might take longer than you expect. 

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