Business With A Difference: Unconventional Ideas To Help You Grow

business with a difference

Whether you’re looking to grow a current business or start-up from scratch, it can be hard trying to think of a unique angle.

Sure, there are some pretty common business ideas out there that might work if you think you’ve found a strong gap in the market.

If you don’t think you’re in that position you’ll be left trying to puzzle out a unique approach. 

The ideas below might be able to set you on the right path.

Even if they’re not exactly what you want or what you’ll use, they can help you explore ideas and show you business with a difference.

A Hybrid Coffee Shop

Whether you want to call it a cafe, coffee house, or even a restaurant.

You can beat out the competition by offering more, especially if you’re in a city central location.

Consider offering local delivery,  offer a higher quality of food and utilize a commercial used espresso machine so that you can serve top tier coffee quickly.

Hybrid shops have been growing in popularity over the last few years…offering food, drink, a place to work and chat etc.

The key is to observe what your competitors are doing and try to expand elsewhere.

If their food is subpar…offer a better quality range of things to eat.

Comfier chairs for people to work from, delivery, nicer coffee, better service.

Going hybrid isn’t always easy and it might not be inexpensive, but it can set you apart from the competition. 

Lose Business To Dial Into A Niche

Losing business sounds crazy.

Why lose business when you can continue being successful?

Sometimes you need to lose business to grow further.

A lot of businesses offer a broad spectrum of services.

Think about a content writing service that writes for every single niche under the hat.

If you dial it down to writing specifically for the medical niche, you’ll find it far easier to market.

You can set yourself up as an expert in the niche and earn a solid reputation. 

This doesn’t apply to all business streams, but cutting back on being a broad business and focusing down on certain expertise can pay off long term.

You can even keep the whole business but split it into smaller areas that each focus on a certain subject thus setting you up as an authority.

This might take some work in terms of creating a different website, and getting it to rank on Google but it’s a change that should pay off in the long term if you get it right.

If you’re just thinking of setting a business up instead of changing an existing one, consider drilling right down into one of the individual niches of your chosen business stream.

You can always build out from that if you wanted to. 

In The Property Game? Flip With A Difference

The scope of the property has changed since covid.

Nowadays, so many people are working from home that businesses are eschewing the usual office-based environments.

However, the need for housing is on the rise.

Try to find new inns in the industry.

For example, you can buy the business property and convert it into apartments, or demolish it and build houses.

You know it’s all about adding value or creating value.

That’s how you make more money on the flipped property.

Think about adding different elements of prop tech to the home to increase value further.

You can consider electric gates or a smart home security system.

Sure, some of these systems might be pricey, but at the end of it, you’ll make a profit.

There are so many people in the property market who are actively looking for investment.

If you get clever about your approach you can avoid becoming involved with bidding wars etc.


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