George Foreman Net Worth (2024 Update)

george foreman net worth

Best known for his career in boxing, Foreman is considered to be one of the legends of the sport.

He is a two-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist.

Outside of boxing, Foreman has experienced great success in some businesses endeavours, most notably George Foreman Grills.

It’s also worth mentioning he has published a total of 5 books and set up multiple companies of his own.

This begs the question, what is George Foreman net worth?

George Foreman Net Worth

George foreman net worth has come from a combination of his career in boxing, endorsements and the creation of his own businesses.

George Foreman net worth is estimated to be around $300 million.

General Facts

Net worth$300 million
OccupancyProfessional boxer, businessman, Author
Height6ft 3
BornJanuary 10th 1949


George Edward Foreman, best known for his professional boxing career, was born in Texas on the 10th January 1941.

Growing up, George himself describes his childhood as troubled.

He was known to take part in muggings and dropped out of school at the age of 15.

After a change of heart a year down the lane, George would get the qualifications to become a bricklayer and a carpenter.

He would first become involved with boxing when he moved to Pleasanton, California.

His first amateur win would come in his debut match on the 26th January in 1967 via first-round knockout.

Foreman managed to amass a record of 16-4 as an amateur going into the Olympics.

Big George would win gold at that Olympics, knocking out Jonas Cepulis in the second round.

To this day he proclaims it to be the proudest moment of his entire boxing career.

After returning home, he would fight 6 more times as an amateur, winning all.

Foreman’s pro career would start in 1969, knocking out his opponent in the 3rd round.

That year he would have no less than 13 fights, winning all of them (11 by KO).

He would reach the status of the ‘number 1 contender’ after building up a record of 32-0 (29 KO).

This would earn him a title shot against the undisputed and also undefeated heavyweight champion at the time Joe Frazier.

The fight was labelled ‘sunshine showdown’ and would take place in Jamaica on the 22nd of January 1973.

Foreman would dominate, knocking down Frazier 6 times before the referee decided that he has seen enough.

After defending his belt twice to lesser opponents, he would face a much more worthy opponent in Kevin Norton.

The bout would take place in Venezuela in 1974 ending with a knockout in the second round of Norton.

Foreman would later say that Kevin was great in the later rounds so he planned to put him away in the earlier rounds.

At this point in his career, George would now be 40-0 as a professional.

Perhaps one of the most famous fights in boxing history period was to come next, named the ‘rumble in the jungle’.

Foreman’s 4th title defence against none other than Muhammad Ali took place in the summer of 1974.

The initial fight date would be postponed due to a cut below George’s eye as a result of sparring.

This would prove to be costly to Foreman as he would be unable to spar for fears of reopening the cut.

Nevertheless, Rumble in the jungle would take place a month later in its original location, The Republic Of Congo (formally known as Zaire).

Ali would prove to be the better man on the night, utilising his speed and movement to attack the head of Foreman.

This, in combination with George tiring in the latter rounds, led to the iconic knockdown.

Ali would be the first person to knockdown George in his whole career.

The fight would end there, in the 8th round.

It was from this point Foreman would take a short break from boxing, namely the year of 1975.

He announced his comeback in 1976 with the hopes he would secure a rematch with Ali.

First, he would face Ron Lyle in an action-packed fight that would be later dubbed the ‘fight of the year’ by ring magazine.

Next, George would choose to fight Frazier for the second time.

Unlike the first bout, this time around it was much more competitive, but once again big George would prove too much for Frazier.

The knockout would come in the 5th round, securing the win.

Foreman would go onto win a handful of fights but would retire from boxing after his loss to Jimmy Young.

It would later be revealed that Foreman was suffering from exhaustion and heatstroke.

Around this time that Foreman would become a born again Christian.

He would become an ordained minister and open up a youth centre.

His return to boxing would come 10 years later and ironically was brought about because his youth centre needed more funds.

At the age of 38, many discredited his comeback and warned foreman that he was too old to compete at a professional level.

Much to the surprise of his critics, Foreman would win every non-title fight he was handed.

His first and second chance to regain the championship would prove unsuccessful against Holyfield and Morrison respectively.

3rd time lucky would prove pivotal in Foreman’s journey to regaining the title.

Victory would come in the 10th round against the accomplished titleholder, Micheal Moorer after being outclassed in prior rounds.

After failing to meet the 10 counts, Foreman would turn around in his corner and go on his hands and knees.

He would prove to the world that age is just a number, winning the heavyweight championship of the world at the age of 45.

George would hang up his gloves at the age of 48 after a controversial loss to Shannon Briggs.

Conclusion On George Foreman Net Worth

George Foreman is rightly considered a boxing legend.

Outside of boxing, he was extremely lucrative in his endorsement of Salton inc’s product, the George Foreman Grill.

It’s reported that he earned over $200 million from that deal alone according to CNBC.

George went on to create a few businesses of his own which proved to bring in more streams of income.

It’s fair to say that Foreman has lived one extraordinary life and as a result, has an extraordinary bank account.

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