How To Make Money With Copywriting (5 Ideas)

Copywriting is a great skill to have.

It requires you to have a good understanding of the product or service you are advertising as well as a great command of your language.

Nowadays copywriting has become easier due to AI tools, but the need for a human writer has not been replaced.

So, don’t worry about AI taking your job anytime soon.

Today, we are going to talk about 5 ideas of how you can make money with copywriting.

5 Ways to Make Money with Copywriting

1.      Sell Your Skills for Marketing


There is high demand for copywriting skills in the marketing sector, particularly the digital marketing sector.

You can use this to your advantage and keep an eye out for companies that are looking to outsource their marketing.

Such companies will require a writer to write copies of their ads and CTAs.

They might even hire you to complete content marketing projects as well.

You can do these jobs on a contract basis, where the company hires you for the duration of a project or for a given amount of time.

There are a lot of choices here as you can pick work that suits your schedule.

That’s because it’s mostly small companies who outsource their marketing.

Their workload is not that high, so you will have some agency regarding your work schedule.

2.      Do Freelance Projects through Online Platforms

freelancer working

By far the most lucrative and flexible method of earning more money with Copywriting is to try freelancing.

There are myriads of online platforms that let you find jobs related to your skills.

Platforms such as Upwork, Fiver, and Freelancer let you browse for jobs that suit your schedule and pay.

You can work on the projects you get from these jobs during your free time such as after your job or on the weekends.

Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, you can use AI tools for hastening parts of your job.

A good example is that of a rewriter, you can use an AI-powered one to cut time off from the editing phase of your work.

A rewriter can also help you generate multiple copies of your work that you can use for different clients or A/B testing.

You are free to pick up small projects or large ones.

The websites we mentioned have a thorough vetting process, so you can be sure that you get legitimate jobs and do not get scammed.

3.      Teach Others Copywriting

Teaching other people to copywrite

Another way of monetizing your copywriting skills is to teach them to others for a price.

One way you could go about it is to create a course and sell it.

You could include training exercises such as reading certain books and essays.

Then you could supplement them with writing exercises such as writing a report on them, debating the moral and ethical dilemmas discussed in them, etc., etc.

You could also include tips and tricks as well as how you approach writing.

Walking your students through your process can give them insights into copywriting effectively.

The point is there are many things you can teach in a course.

And there are many ways you can monetize them.

For example, make a short free course that anyone who registers can use.

But then offer a more advanced but paid course that expands upon the free one as well as adds new things.

You can sell these courses on your site or through third-party sites such as Coursera or Udemy.

4.      Create Your Blog and Monetize It

Create a blog

Another way of monetizing your copywriting skills is to start your blog.

This is a slow way of earning money because first, you will need to build up your blog and raise its SERP ranking.

Once it has become successful enough, then you can monetize it with ads.

But that is just one method of making money from a blog.

You can also reach out and network with people and corporations to make your blog more widely known.

In return, you can offer them exclusive posts.

This opens the path to sponsored posts and they bring in some good money.

You can also just sell your blog for a lump sum once it becomes popular enough.

However, that option should not really be used unless you are done with your blog once and for all.

As for creating a blog, that’s easy, you just need to make a free one with WordPress.

But if you really want a special website, then just pay someone to make one for you.

5.      Proofreading and Editing Services


You can monetize your copywriting expertise in the form of proofreading and editing services.

These are widely demanded and respected services that also pay a lot.

Many companies will pay top dollar for an effective proofreader and editor.

That’s because writers are numerous, but editors are not.

This also counts as a promotion of sorts since editors need to be highly experienced writers.

You can find jobs for proofreading and editing on online platforms such as the ones we discussed before.

You can also look for part-time or contract-based jobs that are more flexible in their scheduling so that you can do them with ease.

That’s all there is to it but make sure you do your research into what is the pay rate so that you don’t get undercut.


And there you have it, five ways of monetizing your copywriting skills.

The tips basically amount to freelancing, contract-based work, blogging, selling courses, and doing editorial work.

These are all high-paying jobs that will line your pockets nicely.

Do note, however, that you may not be able to find jobs very quickly. So, start small, don’t give up, and work your way up to success.